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Select Wikidata item category, and the Dashboard will generate an interactive map of geo-localized Wikidata items alongside their Wikidata usage statistics. Click the item marker for details.
Note. The usage statistic is the number of pages that make use of the respective item across all Wikimedia projects.

WDCM Geo :: Wikidata, WMDE 2017

Contact: Goran S. Milovanovic, Data Scientist, WMDE
IRC: goransm

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WDCM Geo :: Wikidata, WMDE 2017

Contact: Goran S. Milovanovic, Data Scientist, WMDE
IRC: goransm

WDCM Geo Dashboard



This Dashboard is a part of the Wikidata Concepts Monitor (WDMC). The WDCM system provides analytics on Wikidata usage across the Wikimedia sister projects. The WDCM Geo Dashboard collects several categories of Wikidata items that have geographical coordinates data and presents them on an interactive Leaflet map alongside their usage statistics. To understand the WDCM usage statistics, check out the Definitions section. The WDCM Geo Dashboard uses OpenStreetMap.


N.B. The current Wikidata item usage statistic definition is the count of the number of pages in a particular client project where the respective Wikidata item is used. Thus, the current definition ignores the usage aspects completely. This definition is motivated by the currently present constraints in Wikidata usage tracking across the client projects (see Wikibase/Schema/wbc entity usage). With more mature Wikidata usage tracking systems, the definition will become a subject of change. The term Wikidata usage volume is reserved for total Wikidata usage (i.e. the sum of usage statistics) in a particular client project, group of client projects, or semantic categories. By a Wikidata semantic category we mean a selection of Wikidata items that is that is operationally defined by a respective SPARQL query returning a selection of items that intuitivelly match a human, natural semantic category. The structure of Wikidata does not necessarily match any intuitive human semantics. In WDCM, an effort is made to select the semantic categories so to match the intuitive, everyday semantics as much as possible, in order to assist anyone involved in analytical work with this system. However, the choice of semantic categories in WDCM is not necessarily exhaustive (i.e. they do not necessarily cover all Wikidata items), neither the categories are necessarily mutually exclusive. The Wikidata ontology is very complex and a product of work of many people, so there is an optimization price to be paid in every attempt to adapt or simplify its present structure to the needs of a statistical analytical system such as WDCM. The current set of WDCM semantic categories is thus not normative in any sense and a subject of change in any moment, depending upon the analytical needs of the community.

The currently used WDCM Taxonomy of Wikidata items encompasses the following 14 semantic categories: Geographical Object, Organization, Architectural Structure, Human, Wikimedia, Work of Art, Book, Gene, Scientific Article, Chemical Entities, Astronomical Object, Thoroughfare, Event, and Taxon.

WDCM Geo :: Wikidata, WMDE 2017

Contact: Goran S. Milovanovic, Data Scientist, WMDE
IRC: goransm