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Wikidata Concepts Monitor (WDCM) System

Wikidata Concepts Monitor (WDCM) is a system that analyzes and visualizes Wikidata usage across the Wikimedia projects. The system encompasses several Shiny dashboards:

Wiktionary Analytics

Providing analytical solutions and decision support for the Wiktionary community: missing entries, comparisons between Wiktionaries, linkage visualizations and more.

WDCM Overview Dashboard - your entry point. An overview of Wikidata usage across the Wikimedia projects is provided alongside similarity maps and some fundamental cross-tabulations.

WDCM Usage Dashboard - fine-grained information on Wikidata usage across client projects and project types. Custom cross-tabulations and datasets to download.

WDCM Semantics Dashboard - detailed insights into the WDCM Taxonomy (a selection of semantic categories from Wikidata used in WDCM), its distributional semantics, and the way it is used across the client projects. If you are looking for Topic Models - that’s where they live.

WDCM (S)itelinks - statistics on (S)itelinks Wikidata usage aspect (see. wbc_entity_usage in the Wikibase schema) + topic models for top Wikipedia projects.

WDCM (T)itles - statistics on (T)itles Wikidata usage aspect (see. wbc_entity_usage in the Wikibase schema) + topic models for top Wikipedia projects.

WDCM Geo - Wikidata items interactive maps w. usage statistics for GLAM categories and more.

WDCM Biases - gender bias in Wikidata usage and north-south divide statistics and maps.

WDCM Structure - a method to study the WDCM Taxonomy and select Wikidata classes that need to undergo usage tracking and statistical modeling (under development).
Wiktionary Cognate Dashboard - this dashboard enables Wiktionary editors and the wider community to determine what is missing from their projects and where it can be found.


Non-WDCM Wikidata usage analytics

New Editors

WMDE Banner Campaign analytics and dashboards.

Percentage of articles making use of Wikidata - A simple Shiny page with statistics on the % of articles using Wikidata in particular Wikimedia projects.
Pageviews per namespace from Wikidata - Insight into the Wikidata pageviews per namespace and separately for users and spiders.
Wikidata Identifier Landscape - Browse WD external identifiers, learn about their usage, retrieve examples, and visualize the overlap between identifiers across the WD items.
Wikidata Languages Landscape - The structural organization of languages in Wikidata and language reuse in WMF projects.
Wikidata Quality Report - The ORES data quality predictions for all Wikidata items combined with the WDCM reuse statistics for those items in a comprehensive data quality report.
WMDE New Editors Dashboard - All WMDE banner campaigns archived + new editors analytics for dewiki (under development).

WMDE Technical Wishlist

Data products of the WMDE Technical Wishlist team.

Grafana Dashboards

Our Grafana dashboards.

Wikidata dashboards - A directory of various Wikidata Grafana dashboards.
TCB Team dashbords - A directory of various TCB Team dashboards.

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